Attach photos to your survey records

  • Designed to use your smart-device camera.

  • Take a photo of each survey location.

  • Photo evidence for accurate survey approval.

Track and report where your field workers are

  • Get the right field worker to the right place.  

  • Give assignments while your field workers are in the field.

  • Real-time field worker assignments and planning.

Integrate with your GIS

  • Export collected data to SHP files.

  • Results are fully compatible with ArcGIS, QGis and other.

  • Prepare your study area in your GIS and upload to ScoutMaster.

Easy to use, map-driven survey forms

  • Each survey record is attached to a specific location on the map.

  • Location determined by clicking on the map.

Save on expensive hardware

  • Successfully deployed on entry level smartphones and tablets.

  • Android location services is used to improve location accuracy with GPS.

  • On-screen map cursor location input.

Smarter forms with skip logic

  • Intelligent forms designed for speed surveying.

  • Smart drop-down lists to simplify complex input values.

  • Skip logic to minimise input complexity.

Online / Offline, your choice.

  • App operates both online and offline.

  • Offline syncing done when access to WiFi.

  • Real-time surveys possible with data bundle on device sim-card.

Navigate to your study area

  • Use your current location and calculate the best route to your study area.

  • Route and navigation instructions on app.

Map cursor location or GPS points

  • Choice between recording GPS location or user defined location on the map.

  • GPS location improved by Android location services on App.

Dashboard to keep you in control

  • Online web-based dashboard to manage and track survey in real-time.

  • Assign and track scouts to study areas while in the field.

  • Approval process in real-time from dashboard.

  • Satellite and dynamic map assistance in dashboard.