Urban Planning

Urban environments are always in flux.  Up to date and accurate information is the cornerstone in planning our future smart cities

The information provided by land use surveys are used to accurately monitor and plan for the timing, location, and types of land development. 


Attach photos to your records

  • Designed to use your tablet's camera.

  • Take a photo of each survey location.

  • Photo evidence is used for accurate survey approval.

Map cursor location or GPS points

Choose between recording the GPS location or user defined location on the map.

The GPS location is improved by Android location services on Scoutmaster.

Dashboard to keep you in control

  • The online web-based Dashboard  manages and tracks the survey in real-time.

  • Assign and track field workers while they are still in the field.

  • The approval process takes place in real-time on the Dashboard.

  • Satellite and dynamic map assistance is included on the Dashboard.

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Rural Development

Improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, require relevant and up to date information.  Let us assist you in doing your survey.

Environmental Planning

Manage our precious environmental resources by capturing and reporting on competing land uses, pollution and accidents