Community Surveys

Community Surveys are helpful tools to obtain information from people who lives in a community and can be utilized to gauge opinions and receive feedback. 

Bottlenecks of paper surveys


  • Leaving a paper copy of the survey form with respondents usually results in a low return rate with many incomplete or misunderstood questions.  

  • The time delay between delivery and collection of the survey form also means that twice the amount of time is needed to complete the survey.

  • Multiple visits to respondents lead to high transport cost for field workers.

  • The location of the respondent is linked to GIS data in a separate exercise, and is dependant on correct spelling and official naming of a locality.

Scoutmaster solution

  • Survey is completed immediately with the field worker's assistance.

  • No need for multiple visits to a respondent, saving in time and transport costs for field workers.

  • Scoutmaster includes each respondent's location automatically through the handheld device's GPS.


Attach photos to your features

  • Designed to use your smart-device camera.

  • Take a photo of each survey location.

  • Photo evidence for accurate survey approval.

Save on expensive hardware

  • Successfully deployed on entry level smartphones and tablets.

  • Android location services to improve location accuracy when using GPS.

  • On-screen map cursor location input on any affordable tablet.

Map cursor location or GPS points

  • Choice between recording GPS location or user defined location on the map.

  • GPS location improved by Android location services on App.

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