Public Transport

Getting on and off the bus is the easy part.  Planning an efficient public transport system requires performance measurement and feedback.  Let us assist you!

South African Metropolitan cities aim to achieve a significant shift of work trips from cars to public transport networks in the next decade. In order to achieve this, information from surveys are extensively used for transport policy and strategy formulation as well as planning at all spheres of government.


Save on expensive hardware

  • Scoutmaster is successfully deployed on entry level smartphones and tablets.

  • Android location services are added to improve location accuracy when using GPS.

  • On-screen map cursor location input.

Navigate to your study area

  • Use your current location and calculate the best route to your study area.

  • Route and navigation instructions is provided on screen.

Track and report where your field workers are

From the Scoutmaster Dashboard in your office:

  • Get the right field worker to the right place.  

  • Give assignments while your field workers are still in the field.

  • Real-time field worker assignments and planning.

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Community Surveys

Community Surveys are helpful tools to obtain information from people who lives in a community and can be utilized to gauge opinions and receive feedback. 

Environmental Planning

Manage our precious environmental resources by capturing and reporting on competing land uses, pollution and accidents