Custom Geo Survey

ScoutMaster is all about GEOgraphic based surveying.


The map and survey form is integrated.  Use it to create your own customised geo-based survey.

  • No two survey questionnaires  are ever the same

  • You are in control of the customization

  • Design your questionnaire and plug it into ScoutMaster

For who

Scoutmaster is a scalable product.  No matter whether an entire Local Municipality's landuse or just the properties within a 100 meter radius from a new development needs to be surveyed, any size survey can be accommodated.

Various types of surveys can be customised:

  • linear - i.e. transport routes, municipal assets such as power lines;

  • points - i.e. informal settlements and traders;

  • areas - i.e. cadastre/parcel-based surveys.


Easy to use, map-driven survey forms

  • Each survey record is linked to a specific location on the map.

  • The location is determined by clicking on the map, or by confirming the device's GPS position. 

Online / Offline, your choice.

  • Scoutmaster operates both online and offline.

  • Offline syncing done when there is access to WiFi.

  • Real-time surveys are possible with data bundle on the device sim-card.

Dashboard keeps you in control

  • The online web-based Dashboard is used to manage and track the survey in real-time, from your office.

  • Assign and track field workers to study areas while they are still in the field.

  • The approval process is in real-time in the online Dashboard.

  • Satellite and dynamic map assistance is included on the Dashboard.

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