Do you do on site training or host training at your premises?     

We can do it on site or at our premises.  


Is this an App only for a smartphone, or can we access the information by computer/Internet off your website?   

The survey part of the app runs on your smartphone/ tablet, and the office Dashboard part for the app runs from your desktop/laptop web browser.  You manage your field workers via the Dashboard which is linked in real time with their smartphones.


How much does it cost?  

The costs are calculated with a base cost and cost per survey record, varying with the number of records.  It also depends whether you will supply the field workers and transport etc.  Please refer to our list of questions above, which is used to determine the best option for you.


Must we buy the App, or do we enter into a monthly/annual subscription for accessing the information, or do we only pay when we access and use/download the information?  

An app rental fee is included in the price of the monthly/annual or other type of subscription.  


Is the base data (from the municipalities) updated continuously (e.g. do you update the data every time an erf is rezoned/subdivided in a municipal area, etc)? We make use of the Surveyor General cadastre, which is updated quaterly.  However, as you know, some municipalities are more up to date than the SG, and others not at all.  Therefore the subscriber can also provide ScoutMaster with their own cadastral base data for each study area's survey.  You can either "clean" the cadastre yourself or we can do it for you, before it is added to your ScoutMaster survey as base data.


Can the information/plans/maps/etc, be saved/printed from the App/your website?  The survey data are updated live from your smartphone to your desktop. These live results are shown on a map viewer in the app's Dashboard, on your desktop. You can download the survey results in spreadsheet and shapefile format.