Urban Planning

Urban environments are always in flux.  Up to date and accurate information is the cornerstone in planning our future smart cities.

Land Use Schemes

Land use schemes guide and manage development according to your vision, strategies and policies.  But does it manifest on the ground?  Let's help you to find out?

Rural Development

Improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, require relevant and up to date information.  Let us assist you in doing your survey.

Public Transport 

Getting on and off the bus is the easy part.  Planning an efficient public transport system require performance measurement and feedback.  Let us assist you!


You always need primary data, but your budget is too low. Don't spend too much to get it.  Let our affordable survey tools make good research possible.

Community Surveys

Community Surveys are helpful tools to obtain information from people who lives in a community and can be utilized to gauge opinions and receive feedback. 

Environmental Planning

Manage our precious environmental resources by capturing and reporting on competing land uses, pollution and accidents.