Land Use Schemes

Land use schemes guide and manage development according to your vision, strategies and policies.  But does it manifest on the ground?  Let's help you to find out.

Spatial land use data is, among other uses, used to determine the relevance of existing land use rights and/or to determine new land use rights where a land use management scheme has not been maintained or does not exist. 


The updating of the Land Use Management System (LUMS) is dependent on a specific process where milestones need to be signed off before the next milestone can be reached, making it a timeous process. 


With the use of Scoutmaster, many of these processes can be run in conjunction with each other, with quality assessment and approval taking place continuously, thus shortening the project time significantly. 


Easy to use, map-driven survey forms

  • Each survey record is attached to a specific location on the map.

  • Location determined by clicking on the map. 

Integrate with your GIS

  • Export of collected data to SHP files.

  • Results are fully compatible with ArcGIS, QGis and other.

  • Prepare your study area in your GIS and upload to ScoutMaster.

Dashboard to keep you in control

  • Online web-based Dashboard to manage and track survey in real-time.

  • Assign and track scouts to study areas while in the field.

  • Approval process in real-time in dashboard.

  • Satellite and dynamic map assistance in dashboard.


Kempton Park LUMS

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality recently undertook a land use survey in their Kempton Park administrative area with the purpose of populating and informing their LUMS with up to date data.  

The management team was continuously in “virtual” contact with each field worker through an offsite internet dashboard, where survey areas were allocated to field workers, their progress tracked, and adjustments and arrangements made immediately when problems cropped up. 

Because quality assurance and team management took place continuously, and since the field workers' data were continuously synced and integrated through mobile data, post-survey data processing was unnecessary.  The data was already fit to run analysis on and results were displayed and provided to the client within hours after the survey was completed and quality assured.

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