Land Use Survey

Base your land use planning and scheme on current survey data. 


ScoutMaster created a SPLUMA-ready, parcel based land use survey questionnaire.

A land use survey is the most effective method to determine Illegal Uses!

  • Spatial land use data is used to determine the relevance of existing land use rights.

  • Spatial land use data is also used to determine land use rights where a land use management scheme has not been maintained or does not exist. 

  • Accurate base data is needed to maintain an accurate valuation roll.

  • Skip Logic drop-down lists for land use categories and sub-categories, standardise the field worker's input on the survey form.

Available packages : 
SPLUMA ready

For who

Developers and all tiers of government need reliable data on which to base policy formulation and implementation.

Our parcel based land use survey module makes it possible to directly do your land use survey on your cadastral GIS data.

Satellite, aerial and street view images can provide a time sequence or history of development, but only a physical land use survey provides real up to date data.

Point or polygon

It does not matter whether the survey area is delineated by an underlying cadastre, or if it is a dispersed rural community.  Any or a combination of input types can be used during a survey.

An existing cadastal layer can be used as base for the survey.

New points can be added by the field worker to indicate the location of houses.


Attach photos to your survey records

  • Designed to use your tablet's camera.

  • Take a photo of each survey location.

  • Photo evidence for accurate survey approval.

Track and report where your field workers are

  • Get the right field worker to the right place.  

  • Give assignments while your field workers are in the field.

  • Real-time field worker assignments and planning.

  • All from the ease of your office.

Smarter survey forms

  • Intelligent forms designed for speed surveying.

  • Smart drop-down lists to simplify complex input values.

  • Skip logic minimise input complexity.


Mogale City Land Use Survey

Areas along important routes within the Mogale City Local Municipal area, were selected for a land use survey.

The buffers included 15 000 properties which were split up and assigned to 6 field workers.  The survey was completed in three weeks.

Results from the survey were verified immediately and used as input for the development of the town planning scheme.

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