Municipal Assets Survey

A well-maintained infrastructure database provides the basis for exceptional service delivery.

ScoutMaster created a cost effective solution to keep your asset database up to date the whole year.

This is a necessary condition for a well functioning municipality.

  • The lack of reliable data on municipal assets and their values presents a major challenge for asset managers in order to justify scarce resources to maintain and renew assets.

  • Update asset registers (content, maintenance of the register – updating, physical verification, register content (periodic)) with data from your Scoutmaster survey.

Available packages:
Pre-defined form

Infrastructure Asset Management

Some examples of survey-able assets

  • Fibre-optic cables and service points

  • Street lightning

  • High and Low Voltage utility poles

  • Municipal electrical transformer boxes

  • Street furniture

  • Road surface

So easy to use

Pre-load an existing spatial data set, set up your survey fields in Scoutmaster, and start recording the asset characteristics.


Create a new data set by capturing the location and characteristics of existing assets, with Scoutmaster.


Integrate with your GIS

  • Prepare your study area in your GIS and upload to ScoutMaster.

  • Export survey data to SHP files.

  • Results are fully compatible with ArcGIS, QGis and other open source GIS.

Save on expensive hardware

  • Scoutmaster is successfully deployed on entry level smartphones and tablets.

  • Android location services are used to improve location accuracy when using GPS.

  • On-screen map cursor location input on any affordable tablet.

Navigate to your study area

  • Use your current location and calculate the best route to your survey area.

  • Route and navigation instructions on Scoutmaster.

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