Taxi Route Survey

Track the route from origin to destination, with the stops and the number of passengers that get on/of.

  • The survey form can be customized.

  • Reliable data provides valuable input for policies and planning.

  • Relevant policies and planning leads to sustainable, equitable and uncongested mobility.

Available packages:

Public Transport Surveying

Survey results are used to predict future conditions, for example – travel demand models.

Surveys are used to measure the impact of strategies, such as before and after surveys.

Surveys include passenger counts (boarding and alighting counts),  transport inventory surveys, and transport routes.

How to..

Track the route in Scoutmaster with your device's GPS, and populate the survey form with the characteristics of the route i.e. number of passengers, get-on get-off points, speed, time etc.


Online / Offline, your choice.

  • Scoutmaster operates both online and offline.

  • Offline syncing is done when there is access to WiFi.

  • Real-time surveys are possible with a data bundle on the device sim-card.

Easy to use, map-driven survey forms

  • Each survey record is attached to a specific location on the map.

  • The location determined by clicking on the map. 

Map cursor location or GPS points

  • Choose between recording the GPS location or the user defined location on the map.

  • The GPS location improved by Android location services on Scoutmaster.

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Public Transport 

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