About us

ScoutMaster is an affordable application that facilitate parcel based surveys, provides survey results to its customers with speed and accuracy, while keeping the data manager in full control of the survey.


Scoutmaster is the culmination of twenty years' work within the Geographic Information System industry by town and regional planners and programmers.  We started developing GIS querying applications and we continue to innovate with new technologies within the information industry.  

Hester Badenhorst
Willem Badenhorst

A multi-disciplinary team

With team collaboration, we have  internationally recognized experts in software development, database development and web based mapping that provides software support for a large range of projects that require programming input.  Our team has been involved in the development of platforms used to create web map components, and related web- and geo-portals. 


Apart from creating web solutions and hosting several development sites, we have also created mapping solutions to create offline medium-client applications.


The ScoutMaster team do extensive work for research and academic institutions and the private sector, locally as well as internationally for academic facilities and private companies.  Our experience also includes a range of domains which includes pavement management, traffic safety and land use planning support systems.